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Remanufactured Aries Pan & Tilt Cameras

Smooth continuous installation of 8" diameter cured-in-place pipe liner using a CIPP Services 8-10-12 Air Inversion unit.

As the Trenchless Technology industry continues to grow to meet the demand for sewer rehabilitation projects across America and the world so does the need for qualified cured-in-place pipe installers. CIPP Services, LLC. was established to help contractors enter the Cured-In-Place Pipe Lining (CIPP) business. CIPP Services, LLC manufactures steam boiler trucks, hot water boiler trucks, air inversion units, static resin mixers, wet-out conveyor systems, hydraulic loader / unloader trailers and numerous ancillary installation tools. CIPP Services not only manufactures CIPP liner installation equipment, but provides expert training for new installation crews and project managers.

CIPP Services provides a complete turnkey CIPP lining equipment & training package.

CIPP Liners

CIPP Services steam truck on display at 2014 Pumper Cleaner Show.

This steam truck has 150 horsepower Clayton steam generator, 25 kva Multi-Quip Generator, 850 Atlas Copco generator, compressed air cooler, water softener system, chemical injection system and a 1100 gallon fresh water tank. This unit was purchased by McCann's Underground, Oregon, Wisconsin.

CIPP Services CIPP Services
The owners of CIPP Services has over 25 years experience installing CIPP products of various pipe diameter sizes & lengths in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico & the Caribbean Islands. CIPP Services utilizes the personal experiences of the owners in the design & fabrication of their products.

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For contractors already installing CIPP liners or Fold & Form liners,
contact CIPP Services for all equipment or custom fabrication requirements.