Catalyst Blending Unit with Underwriters Laboratory (UL) Approval
Working with any hazardous chemical, worker safety must always be of the highest priority. Blending any type of catalyst into a heated solution for dilution requires precise temperature control to prevent an unwanted reaction (SADT). With Perkadox 26, the melting point of the flake material is 86°F while the Self Accelerating Decomposition Temperature (SADT) temperature is 94°F - very little temperature difference for error. CIPP Services' Catalyst Blending Unit offers a computer controlled heating system for initial catalyst blending with a cool down holding - storage tank with the ability to add heat if necessary. The holding - storage tank is connected directly to the catalyst pump on a static mixer, reducing chemical exposure to workers.

Computer Controlled Catalyst Blending Unit
Replace Perkadox 16 with Perkadox 26
Reduce Catalysts cost by 40%
  • Touch screen computer control
  • Economical method for NFPA compliance
  • Direct connect to catalysts pump
  • Password protected panel
  • Digital recording of all processes
  • Heating & Cooling through insulated water jacket tank
  • 26 gallon heated blending tank
  • 52 gallon cooling storage tank
  • Continuous batching capability
  • UL listed
  • OSHA CFR 1910.303 compliant
  • OSHA CFR 1910.399 compliant
CIPP Services
Resin Heading & Cooling unit
with touch screen control panel
Heating & Cooling Tanks
CIPP Services

CIPP Services has developed and manufactures a Catalyst Blending Unit that allows the use of Perkadox 26, a flake form of Perkadox 16. The Catalyst Blending Unit allows for the flake for of Perkadox 26 to be heated to the flake melting point then dissolved - blended into a premeasured amount of resin. The Catalyst Blending Unit computer controls the temperature and blending process through a timed process as recommended by the Perkadox 26 manufacturer. When the blending process is completed, the Catalyst Blending Unit cools the catalyzed mixture to 75 degrees, available for immediate use in a static mixing unit or dispensing unit. This process does not require modification to static mixers & dosing units.