Wet-Out Systems
CIPP Services manufactures and assembles Wet-Out Table Systems for the preparation of CIPP liners. The Wet-Out table contains a powered, wide conveyor belt with a set of pinch rollers mounted at an elevated end. Wet-Out tables must evenly saturate dry liners evenly with the correct volume of catalyzed thermosetting resin. Liners that contain multiple felt layers must be precisely saturated with resin without patches of dry liner or air pockets. After injecting a pre-measured slug of resin into the CIPP liner, the liner is drawn through a set of calibrated rollers to remove or squeeze excess resin from the felt before being loaded directly onto a waiting refrigerated truck.

CIPP Services
The key to any wet-out table is the ability to setting the pinch rollers. Accuracy allows the correct amount of resin saturation in the felt liner for proper:
  • wall finish strength,
  • laminate thickness,
  • and resin cost.
When preparing any CIPP liner, projected resin is should match the actual amount of resin used.

Another integral part of the wet-out table is the vacuum system. Vacuum is used to draw off trapped air for better resin impregnation.

Wet-out table (below) contains an angled, powered conveyor belt with a powered pinch roller system at the elevated end. The pinch roller can be adjusted for different liner thicknesses to maintain proper resin saturation. This wet-out table is capable of wetting–out liners up to 43 inches in diameter.
CIPP Services