Fabrication Shop

CIPP Service, LLC have assemblers and fabricators assemble finished products that go into our manufactured products. We are proud of our products as we always perform quality checks for mistakes or faulty components.  We are constantly testing our assembly process. and always looking for better ways, performing tests and improving product quality and output.
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Machine Shop & Fabrication Facility

Machine Shop With Two Bridgeport Milling Machines & Lathe

CIPP Services, LLC maintains a full in-house machine shop used for the design & fabrication of specialty cured-in-place pipelining installation equipment, air inverters, adapters, and the line of Bushmaster cutting heads. For the last 19 years, CIPP Services' machine shop has extensively built many overhead conveyor systems in refrigerated unloader trailers for convenient and effective transportation of CIPP liners in North America and Canada. 

Machine Shop Houses Plasma Cutters, Mig & Tig Welding Equipment

CIPP Services, LLC can efficiently complete all manufacturing processes without outsourcing any work because of the in-house machine shop that is complemented with plasma cutting, Mig and Tig welding equipment. These resources are necessary when fabricating steam & hot water trucks to various customer specifications.

The machine shop also aids in prototyping and development of new types of equipment. 

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