3″ CIPP Static Mixer – OPTIONAL – Resin Mixing

OPTIONAL UPGRADE: The Static Mixer is comprised of a 2″ positive displacement pump with a gear reduction unit to allow the resin to be pumped at rates between 50lbs to 400lbs per minute. The resin metering system is controlled by a programmable logic controller (PLC) display unit. The PLC is connected to a displacement flow meter and also is connected to a theoretical rate based on teh pump speed. There is a secondary PLC connected to the same components that the first one is connected to. This one is called the “Slave” PLC. This is done to back up the primary PLC commonly referred to as the “Master”. Should the “Master” PLC go down, the secondary or “Slave” will operate the system creating a fail safe system redundancy. The catalyst system is set up towkr with Perkadox 26 or Perkadox 16. The CIPP Static mixer has been designed to integrate with the CIPP Catalyst Blending Unit to create one, cohesive system for easy use and OSHA compliance.

All prices and equipment delivery mentioned are FOB shipping point in La Salle, Illinois.

Upon committing to the equipment order and/or rental, you will be e-mailed a Contract/Purchase Order to sign and return. For any further questions on orders/rentals, please contact our office at 1-888-960-1674 or 1-185-220-1919. Thank you.

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Optional upgrade to Static Mixer: 3″ Static Mixer: Increases pump rates from 50lbs to 400lbs per minute. Price includes upgrade on all piping, pumps and meter to 3″.  Ask for upgrade requirements.


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