With advance notice, CIPP Services can provide rental equipment to contractors. Rentals for special Cured-In-Place-Pipe rehabilitation installation projects are available throughout the country.

Rentals are available for steam trucks, hot water trucks, refrigerated trailers, and air inverters, when available. For equipment rentals for less than one month, all equipment is rented with a trained CIPP Services operator.

If a piece of rental equipment is not available, CIPP Services can assist in locating equipment through our existing customer base. Many contractors are willing to rent equipment with operators to generate revenue for idle equipment. At CIPP Services, we are here to serve you better at completing your project.

Services we offer with the crew are:

  • CIPP Combo Unit rental with operator
  • Cutter/camera truck rental with operator
  • Hot water truck rental with operator
  • Over the hole wet out installations

To sum it up, you get the latest innovations within the CIPP lining technology.

Enclosed Steam Truck - Website

Steam Trucks

This truck has a steam generator, air compressor, pressurized air cooler, water softener system with dual pumps, water tank, and diesel generator.

Compact Trailer Units

The most economical trailer that contains a steam generator, air compressor and overhead storage bins on a 28' long trailer.

Steam Units

Perfect for the steaming process for the cured-in-place-pipe lining installation.

Inversion Equipment

Air inverters or also know as shooters are available for CIPP liner from 4"-144", used to install CIPP liners in the host pipe for either steam or hot water curing.

NOTE: All pictures, videos, designs and specifications are subject to change without notice.

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