Steam Units

Steam Generator Units are perfect for small diameter cured-in-place pipe installations. Being a compact unit, it produces desired dry steam for curing liners, portability, and minimal power requirements make it ideal for lateral cured-in-place-pipe lining work where limited workspace is available.

Mini Steamer AMSU246 - website

Steam Stations are used to control the flow and pressure of compressed air for the inversion installation of a CIPP liner.

A Steam Station - website
B Steam Stations - website

Steam Box - Sample Processor Unit is excellent for preparing samples for testing.  It connects between the liner and "B" Steam Station. The Steam Box has a set of 15" by 15" sample holder plate.  Additional sample plate holders are available upon request (additional cost).  Plate spacers, 3" inlet and outlet camlock connections, digital read-out thermocouple meter, waterproof accessory storage case and pneumatic tires.

B-Station Sample Box 1

Steam Trucks have all components enclosed in a box truck that helps streamline operations while reducing maintenance costs. Protection from rain, snow and ultraviolet ray damage keep the steam units in the truck running longer while reducing unnecessary maintenance.

Steam Truck Chassis: CIPP Services custom fabricates the enclosed truck body and installs all components within. Truck chassis can be new or used bases upon the choice of the customer. CIPP can refurbish truck chassis upon request. Truck chassis must meet certain specifications, please consult CIPP Services before the purchase of any truck chassis.

Enclosed Steam Truck - Website

Steam Cans - Please contact us for more information about our downstream steam cans that are available in various sized.

All Steam Cans - Website

NOTE: All pictures, videos, designs and specifications are subject to change without notice.

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