Trucks & Trailers

All CIPP Services Trucks and Trailers are specifically designed for the Cured-In-Place-Pipe (CIPP) lining industry.

Hot Water Boiler/Steam Trucks are specifically designed for the CIPP lining industry.  These boilers are built with 6" input/output water connections for maintaining high water flow through the boiler with special backpressure restrictions and water circulation at higher flow for better heat distribution.

Boiler Truck

Combo Trailer/Trucks Unit is designed for air inversion installation of CIPP liners with a steam cure process.  They contain a steam generator, air compressor, water storage tank, diesel fuel oil storage tank, a 25 KVA generator and a refrigerated - insulated liner storage box on a 53' long trailer.

Combo Trailer Trucks

Enclosed Steam Trucks is a compact steam truck streamline operation while reducing maintenance costs. It comes with a steam generator, air compressor, pressurized air cooler, water softener system with dual pumps, water tank, and diesel generator.

Truck for WWETT

Compact 28' Trailer Unit is one of the most economical trailers that contains a steam generator, air compressor and overhead storage bins on a 28' long trailer.  This a trailer that has all necessary installation equipment, reduces mobilization costs and saves time.

CIPP Trailer
Compact Trailer

Refrigerated Liner Unloader Trailer Unit is suitable to hauling liners from 18" and larger diameter.  It has a hydraulic conveyor system to load and unload cured liners.

TR 1
Refrigerated Truck - Keeing liner cool

NOTE: All pictures, videos, designs and specifications are subject to change without notice.

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