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Wanting to buy or sell any CIPP Equipment, we are here for you!

CIPP Services and our partnering contractors frequently have used equipment for sale. Please look throught our inventory for the available used CIPP lining equipment or you may contact us on the equipment you need. We maybe able to connect you with a seller. Otherwise, you may look at our website inventory of new equipments and rentals.

Grout Packet - Used Equipment - 5-20-2019
POWER TAKE OFF - Used Equipment - 5-20-2019
26’ Thermo King Reefer Tandem Truck 1
26’ Thermo King Reefer Tandem Truck 1 - 1
53’ Thermo King Reefer Trailer – 2 - 1
VACTOR – Sterling Truck
VACTOR on a Freightliner

NOTE: Most equipment are FOB La Salle Illinois, or available at the seller's specified location. All equipment and tools are inspected and tested. Sizes and prices may vary. Call us for equipment details on any product on sale. Serious buyers only. Thank you.


All Steam Trucks are check by our in-house mechanics.  Price and type of trucks may vary.


All Trailer Units may vary depending as they are custom designed.  Prices may vary.

CIPP Liners

There are various types of CIPP Liners available in different sizes.

Used Equipment & Tools

All Equipment and Tools are inspected and tested.  It is at the buyers discretion on they type of used Equipment and Tools they wish to purchase.  Sizes and prices may vary.

Used Enclosed Hot Water or Steam Boiler Trucks - New liner installers will find it easy to start up with a low budget used equipment that will do the job as well as a new equipment. Easy on the budget that gets the job done. The picture below is our classic example of what we can do with a used industrial (water of steam) boiler, it can be installed within a box truck for use with CIPP liner installation. Trucks must include a high output generator to power the burner, fuel pump and boiler safety control system.  Water is circulated through the boiler by portable gas or diesel engine powered pumps.  Properly designed enclosed box trucks can provide secure tool and equipment storage space.  Truck box enclosure protects the boiler from harmful exposure to the elements.  These units can be locally outfitted by our in-house qualified mechanics welders and electricians.

Used industrial (water or steam boiler

NOTE: All pictures, videos, designs and specifications are subject to change without notice.

All items show are FOB La Salle or until otherwise as mentioned.  Please call 1-888-960-1674 or e-mail us at for more information of the equipment.

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